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Available Services

On certain days you may feel good, on other days less so. Then there are those particular days when everything becomes too much and becomes difficult to handle. Whatever you are experiencing, help is available. There are different services specifically designed to support you.

Seeking help and support for the first time can be anxiety-provoking, and that is completely fine. Remember, all chats, calls and one-to-one session are carried out by trained professionals and all that is spoken about is completely confidential.

Here is a list of services that contains different local services that offer help and support. If you or someone you know are in danger, it’s important to call 112 for immediate assistance.

Help Lines & Online Chat

Freephones and online chats provide immediate emotional support. Speak to someone now. The below are available for free 24/7.

Richmond Foundation
Mental Health Helpline


Kellimni Chat

Support Groups

The following support groups are offered by different NGOs that bring together people who are going through or have gone similar experience. It is an opportunity to share personal experiences and feelings, whilst sharing different coping strategies.

St. Jeanne Antide Foundation

Emotional Support Services

 2330 4236

Richmond Foundation

Support Group for Persons Struggling with Anxiety

Community Outreach

The following services support a person struggling with mental health problems and illness within the community. The purpose is to provide therapeutic interventions at home and support integration within the community.

Community Outreach Team

 2330 4236

Richmond Foundation Community Support Services

2122 4580

LWIEN Service

2180 8981 / 2180 9011 / 2767 2367

Fondazzjoni St. Jeanne Antide

Community Mental Health Clinics

Support for Abuse on Vulnerable Persons

The following entities provide support in situations in which human rights have been infringed.

Commissioner for Mental Health

Dr. John M. Cachia

SOAR Support & Advocacy Service
 9992 7972

SOAR Malta

Mental Health Association Malta

 7980 0080 (Malta, SMS Only)

 7959 3354 (Gozo)

Residential Care

24/7 support to people with mental health problems who previously resided at the psychiatric hospital.

Richmond Foundation
Fondazzjoni Suret il- Bniedem
2123 2330

Fondazzjoni Suret il-Bniedem

Children & Teenagers

These are the current services available to support children and teenagers experiencing mental health problems.

Child and Young Person’s Services (CYPS)

 2595 1799 / 2595 1800 / 2595 1801

Richmond Foundation

 2258 6700