The Facts

What is Mental Health?

At times people think that mental health is a definition of a mental health issue such as anxiety or depression. We all have mental health, some of us have good mental health whilst others struggle with their mental health from time to time due to adverse life events. At times people struggle with chronic mental health issues which they learn to manage with the support of the right professionals. When our mental health is good we manage to fulfil our potential, deal with the stress of daily life, feel productive at work and manage to keep up our relationships with others.

So, a statement one may say to express themselves would be, “I’m struggling with my mental health right now, my anxiety levels are really high.”

Recognising something is not right

For many years, mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression were not discussed openly in the community because of stigma associated with the condition. If someone breaks their arm, the process is simple – get an x-ray, receive treatment and begin recovery. Unlike physical injuries such as broken bones, symptoms of anxiety may be deliberately covered up or unintentionally hidden.

Signs and symptoms of anxiety or depression may remain unrecognised or attributed to being associated with certain life stages, stressful events, hormones or personality traits. It’s common for people not to discuss mental health conditions with family members or friends. There is even more stigma around mental health in cultures where health issues of any type are not discussed with members of the immediate or extended family and certainly not with friends.

Negative views or stigma about mental health are often due to misunderstandings, cultural beliefs, misconceptions and/or lack of knowledge about mental health conditions and the associated signs and symptoms.

Taking the first step

It’s important to remember, when you take the first step in dealing with anxiety or depression, you are not alone – support is available for you, too.

Kif Int’s vision is that we all seek to have the best mental health we can possibly have.

In order to support those who are affected anxiety, depression and who have suicidal thoughts we need to have a better understanding of what mental health really is and how we can improve it. Through this we would also contribute to the prevention of mental health issues and be able to help ourselves and others who may be struggling with their mental health.