You Can Talk About Suicide

Talking about suicide is not easy, but possible. You do not need to be a professional to offer a listening ear to someone you care about. It’s normal to be worried or anxious about having this conversation with your friend, your relative or your colleague who might be thinking of suicide. Here are some resources to help you.

It’s OK not to be OK!

Having A Conversation

If you are suspecting that the person is at risk of harming or killing themselves, it’s important to act promptly. Wherever possible, take some time to plan your approach.

Making a Safety Plan

Studies show that safety planning can help reduce the intensity of the suicidal thoughts and increase the person’s ability to cope.


Taking Care of Yourself

It can be easy to overlook your own needs during these moments. You need to make sure that aside form supporting others, you are also taking care of yourself.

Assessing the Situation

All talk of suicide needs to be taken seriously. Any thoughts of suicide need to be addressed immediately.