Understanding Anxiety

What is Anxiety?

Everyone experiences anxiety at one point or another in their life.

Even though anxiety can be an unpleasant feeling, it could help us in avoiding dangerous situations and motivates us to solve daily problems. Anxiety is mostly caused by our perception of what could be dangerous around us.

Anxiety varies from mild uneasiness to terrifying panic attacks. When anxiety persists, it can leave you feeling weaker, can make you see that things in your life are worse, and can prevent you from controlling your fears. People with anxiety problems may be diagnosed with different types of anxiety disorders; these vary depending on the types of situations the person is feeling anxious about and by the sorts of beliefs that increase their anxiety.

Anxiety can be very frightening but it is not dangerous and once you take the necessary steps to control it you can have a fulfilling life. There are many ways to help manage anxiety and the sooner people with anxiety get support, the more likely they are to recover.


If you ask someone what anxiety feels like, everyone will give a different answer.

 In the videos below you will be able to see some experiences of people who have anxiety. Remember that you are not alone and asking for help is the first step.